The FLIR Helios is a wireless, WIFI-enabled security camera that harnesses energy from the sun to bring peace of mind to your home.  Its use of the low-power IR Lepton and Fuji visual camera allows for low cost 24/7 security. Completely wireless, the Helios is easy to install and hassle free, making it a brighter security solution. 

COM Logo

An intercom device that lets you broadcast your voice to any Sonos system in your home. This project is sponsored by Sonos and the PCB is assembled by Laritech.

The future of terrestrial transportation, UCSB's Hyperloop Pod is a vehicle designed to zip through a vacuum tunnel at high speeds. The pod's payload levitates with the use of four magnetic levitation engines, which reduces the vehicle's drag.

Computer Engineering

Gestur is a virtual reality glove focused on obtaining a high degree of precision between the movements of the hand and how it is represented in virtual space, while simultaneously providing haptic feedback to emulate the sensation of touch

IR Hub is a device that allows users to turn their smartphone into a universal remote, giving them control over their living room with nothing more than their phone’s Bluetooth and the Hub.

Upon request from UCSB’s Marine Biology Department, we are developing an underwater low-light stereo imaging instrument to aid in observations of biological activity. OstraCam is meant to be an all-in-one instrument, providing not only 3D extrapolated observations in minimum-light conditions, but also temperature, pressure, salinity, acidity, and the GPS location of observations. 

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Our device will be a personal security wearable module that will be able to stream video to a connected phone application via wifi. It will have different functions based on the length of time the button is pressed. The phone application will be able to send the stream as well as GPS location with directions to another chosen person.

A machine learning algorithm that utilizes a neural network in order to super-resolve infrared images based on spatial and temporal pixel data. This algorithm will allow low resolution thermal sensors to produce high definition thermal images at a fraction of the cost of high resolution sensors.

A device designed and built to detect and measure photons emitted during a biological reaction. Able to more rapidly test the effectiveness of certain antibiotics on possibly drug-resistant bacteria, the device will reach new markets with its increased portability and robustness.

Mechanical Engineering

A research vessel aimed at replicating the powder spreading processes in powder bed fusion printers.  Providing researchers with the real-world data they need to revise their theoretical models of powder flow, it will advance powder bed fusion technology, ultimately creating stronger and more reliable parts.

A system which can be mounted on a commercial quad-copter drone to allow researchers to quickly and reliably locate birds in tall and dense forest canopies for population tracking.

A quadcopter designed to fly surveillance missions after being airdropped. Featuring removable arms allowing it to fit inside a specially engineered drop-pod, the drone will make surveillance more versatile than ever before.

Cadence is an innovative shoe designed to improve the gait of people with foot drop. Its unique internal mechanism allows the user to walk more safely and comfortably without having to dedicate so much attention to a usually simple task.

Our system maps the deployment of arrays to within a tenth of an inch using optical tracking and an easily variable set-up. This tracking system is superior, because it has the desired accuracy, is under budget, and has specialized features.

Greenspace is a solar-powered charging station designed to attach to a table. It provides shade and electricity to give teachers and students around campus a cheap and reliable way to work outside.

This centerfinding device is intended to aid physicians in accurately locating the center of shunt valves which are implanted beneath the scalp of patients suffering from hydrocephalus.  Accurately locating the center of the valve ensures that the valve is properly adjusted, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing the number of return visits needed.

Thermalyzer is an apparatus designed to easily measure thermal properties of materials that will be used to make various heat transfer devices.  Its innovative design allows for precise accuracy and repeatability of thermal resistance measurements.

The Frictionless Support Robot (FSR) is a frictionless platform that tracks and supports space deployables to simulate a zero-gravity environment. The FSR contains an axial air bearing coupled with an autonomous four-wheeled robot to support the loads.  

This test apparatus delivers a mechanical shock to printed circuit boards. Northrop Grumman will use this self-calibrating device to deliver controlled shocks of up to 4500g’s to their circuit boards, simulating the stage separation they must survive.

A trailer-based, open-array radar system that provides portability and self-sustainability for remote installations. The radar and supporting software autonomously monitor vessel activity in MPAs and notify authorities of suspicious behavior.