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IR Hub was born out of utility to solve a problem each member of the IR Hub team faced in their own home. The problem: too many infrared remotes cluttering the living room. The solution: a device with an array of IR transmitters that can broadcast remote signals with 360° room coverage. Simply leave IR Hub in a central location of a room, and take control of devices in that room with the help of an Android application that communicates with the Hub over Bluetooth. 

What sets IR Hub apart from many similar devices available on the market is an IR receiver that allows it to learn the outputs of any infrared remote a user has. Other devices may rely on online libraries that are downloaded when a user selects their device, meaning users can be out of luck if their obscure remote is not supported.  

The team consists of two students in computer engineering and one in electrical engineering. Having a small, three person team requires each member to be dynamically involved in a little bit of everything. The lead responsibility for hardware, firmware, and software have been divided between the three members, but it is all hands on deck to bring the three systems together in a functional and polished way. 

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