Carma Security Network

Safety First

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Electrical Engineering


Carma is creating a personal safety device which introduces multiple layers of security to maximize individual safety and provide assistance by connecting users with people they trust.
While walking alone at night, we often recognize that we still fear the dangers of the unknown. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Record, over 1.4 million violent crimes or abductions are recorded annually. Criminals prey on people who are perceived to be defenseless, primarily women, children, and the elderly. These groups are targeted when they seem isolated and unable to defend themselves.
Through leveraging convenient casual communication we are creating a high-utility deterrent device that will be designed to contact emergency services and provide situation on the ground for responders. This system will be integrated into a larger network to then try to intercept criminals, contacting nearby users for assistance.
Iterating from the feedback of over 100 interviewees, Carma's solution is a combined wearable technology and phone application that enables users to push data to specified partners who can monitor them. Upon triggering the wearable device it provides GPS and media livestream to end users, and should the wearer flag for emergency or become unable to, either party can be forwarded to the nearest emergency services to direct assistance with any extra information they have ascertained. This item can be worn discreetly or as a deterrent, and also be configured to find assistance based on proximity in emergencies. According to our interviews from parents, their daughters, and grandparents, all parties do not want to worry about holding their phones in emergency situations.



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