Greenspace: Green Initiative Table

Project Type: 
Mechanical Engineering



The Greenspace, also known as the Green Table, is a table that uses solar power to charge phones and laptops while people work outside. The project is sponsored by the UCSB Green Initiative Fund in their efforts to make a more sustainable and user-friendly campus. Consisting of a long central column, an electronics housing, outlet assemblies and a solar panel, the Greenspace is designed to fit around the tables commonly found around the UCSB campus.

Similar devices can already be found on-campus. What makes the Greenspace standout is its low cost and practicality. The other devices can cost as much as twelve thousand dollars, while the Greenspace is expected to cost two thousand dollars to produce. Other challenges included making the design stable enough so that it does not tip over in the wind, strong enough to withstand abuse, and safe enough to protect its users.The choice in electrical components is a substantial factor in the cost reduction. Previous solar tables produced and stored too much power compared to their use. By choosing more realistic power specifications, the Greenspace system has conservative yet reasonable power generation. The modular design allows the Greenspace to fit into a standard size umbrella hole. Efficient and sustainable energy at a reasonable price is made possible with the Greenspace solar table.