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Sea Spine

We are working on helping orthopedic surgeons work smarter and not harder. In the United
States there are over 300,000 anterior lumbar spinal fusions performed every year. Currently,
these operations require surgeons to trial and error around 6 different static trials until the perfect
size is found, a process which requires multiple devices, a lot of time, and a lot of hammering.
Our goal is to bring orthopedic spinal surgery into the 21st century by designing an adjustable
device that collapses down and slips into the proper space and can then be slowly and safely
expanded into the perfect size. We have designed an adjustable trial which can change height and
angle to mimic the sizes of the final implant and a handle which actuates it and keeps track of the
measurement. This means less hammering and faster surgery times for surgeons and a faster and
easier recovery for patients.

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product photo product photo close up view of internal mechanism view of internal mechanism close up of the front of the device close up view of the front end of the device


Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering