Jack Abram

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering


Jack Abram is a mechanical engineering student extremely interested in micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS), biomechanics, sustainable energy technology, and aerospace. He realizes that these are quite diverse mechanical subgroups, but is also aware that they all have so much room to grow, and he wants to be a part of this technological growth. 

Jack grew up in Carlsbad, California. As a kid, he watched his dad design and build a wide variety of household devices. Not only did Jack learn by watching, but he was inspired to learn the skill of mechanical design and fabrication. From this time on, Jack began small design projects of his own. From building skateboard ramps to bicycle mounted surfboard racks, Jack developed the skill of turning his ideas into a reality. Since then, Jack has taken his hobby a massive step further by pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering upon receiving his degree at UCSB. 

Jack is rigorously self driven, and he holds pride in his work. He approaches difficult and complex challenges with enthusiasm and an open mind. During his fourth year at UCSB, Jack has taken on the role of structural designer and lead structural analyst of the UCSB Hyperloop Team. He has utilized COMSOL Multiphysics programming to perform stress and deflection analysis of the Hyperloop pod frame undergoing complex and dynamic loading conditions.  

On the UCSB Hyperloop Team, Jack has played a vital role in designing and optimizing the  structural components of the Hyperloop pod. Furthermore, he has collaborated with the widely interdisciplinary team to successfully integrate the various subsystems. Throughout this iterative design process, Jack worked efficiently with teammates to perform the analysis and testing required to successfully develop a functional high speed vehicle. Jack has been extremely useful in the transition between conceptual design and designing for manufacturing. He has developed the skill by maintaining hands-on positions through his coursework, internships, and hobbies. He has the keen ability to identify and correct areas where designs lack manufacturability and processes lack effectivity.  

Jack has excelled on a number of important projects that have proven his invaluable presence. In a group setting, Jack provides critical thinking and technical work backed with optimism and enthusiasm, in turn elevating each individual's potential. Jack is a great communicator with a positive outlook – the type of person you want to work with. He is engaging, social, and creative. In a team, he has the natural ability to make others feel comfortable while motivating them to do their best.  

While Jack has the ability to be very analytical, Jack stands out most for his eloquent communication skills. He has the ability to collaborate with teammates effectively, both providing technical criticism and receiving it with professionalism. Furthermore, Jack is able to communicate even the most technical concepts to people completely unfamiliar with the project. These communication skills allow Jack to knowledgably and confidently express ideas to those of other disciplines and expertise.  

Throughout his Capstone project experience, Jack has become enthused with the design process of complex projects with very large teams. He has learned much about the operation of engineering projects, and he is incredibly excited to begin his professional career as a mechanical engineer.