NG Robotic Air Bearing Platform

FSR: The frictionless support robot

Project Type: 
Mechanical Engineering


We have designed the Frictionless Support Robot (FSR) to revolutionize the way space deployables are tested on earth. The FSR contains an axial air bearing coupled with an autonomous robotic air bearing platform. The air bearing will be mounted to the underside of a space deployable and provide a frictionless film of air to replicate the weightlessness of outer space. An optical sensor, known commercially as Pixy, will be mounted to detect the change in position of the air bearing. Using an arduino based PID controller, the air bearing platform will stay axial aligned with the air bearing and deployable. This solution eliminates the need for human intervention during testing and can easily be stowed away when not in use. The final deliverable will be tetherless, autonomous, and able to support a diverse array of deployables.


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