Zach Guilford

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering


Zach Guilford is a fourth year mechanical engineering student and the head of magnetic modeling and electromagnetic simulation specialist for the UCSB Hyperloop team. From Danville, California, Zach became interested in mechanical engineering early, inspired by playing with LEGO blocks and sets. He is fascinated by the Hyperloop project and the glimpse into the future of transportation. He hopes he can make a meaningful contribution toward the realization of this future, starting with his Capstone work. Zach will be returning to UCSB as part of the Mechanical Engineering 5-year BS/MS program, focusing on dynamics, controls, and robotics. He is participating in research on information propagation in schools of fish. In 2015, he designed an environmental chamber for testing jet engine turbine blade materials. He is from the Bay Area, and in his spare time he enjoys reading, hiking, and cooking.