Tristan Seroff

Department / Program: 
Computer Engineering


Tristan Seroff is a Computer Engineering student specializing in the development and testing of firmware for embedded systems applications. He chose to attend UCSB after being duly impressed with the programs offered by the Engineering college and the warm campus culture. 

An upbringing in the progressive environment of Boulder, Colorado provided him with a strong desire to support environmentalism through the development of sustainable engineering. This motivation, in combination with a passion for transportation vehicles, led to the UCSB Hyperloop team being a perfect fit for his Capstone project. As a member of the team, he has worked to develop high-level state machines for the Pod firmware’s operation and been a resource to the team regarding knowledge of source code control software. 

Tristan has used the knowledge gained during his time at UCSB to complete two successful internships at Tesla and will be returning there upon graduation to assist in the automation of firmware validation processes.