Paymon Shariat-Panahi

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering


Paymon Shariat-Panahi is currently serving as the Technical Manager and Lead Mechanical Engineer of the UCSB Hyperloop Pod. In this role, Paymon has overseen the large scale design of the pod and has been intimately involved in the design and analysis of the frame of the pod as well as the stability systems and overall concept development. Paymon has been involved in the UCSB Hyperloop Project since the Spring of 2016. Paymon also conducts research on Super Hydrophobic Surfaces as part of their involvement in the Fluid Energy Science Lab at UCSB. Paymon will be beginning his career in Palo Alto, CA after graduation with commercial satellite provider Space Systems Loral, where they will be working in a rotation program working on projects such as the NASA Restore-L mission. Paymon is originally from Boise, Idaho and is a proud member of the Iranian-American community. Paymon’s interests include cooking, anarcho-communist theory, and Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube.