Patrick Ruehl

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering


Patrick Ruehl is a fourth year mechanical engineering student with an emphasis in structural design. Patrick has lived in many places, and his passion for design and machining drove him to study engineering at UCSB. As a talented engineering honors student, Patrick took his skills overseas, where he studied abroad at Imperial College London.

On the Capstone team, Patrick's primary role was the design of the structure. He designed parts that not only allowed the Greenspace table to function optimally, but also ensured the safety of people using the table. Patrick applied his skills in engineering analysis to support his team and create a quality product. Patrick is also very proactive; he constantly pushed his team to be at their best, and lead the effort to fabricate the final design.

What sets Patrick apart is his adaptability. Patrick is unafraid to learn new skills or tackle new challenges, no matter how daunting they may be. He constantly uses what he learns in new ways. Whether it is learning how to live in a new country or learning how to weld, Patrick can gain new skills in any environment.

Patrick has applied his talents, both old and new, to the Capstone project. Upon graduation, he intends to use all that he has learned when he enters the engineering industry.