Kyle Carson

Department / Program: 
Computer Engineering


Kyle Carson is a graduating senior studying Computer Engineering at UCSB. For Reihlo, he is the acting team lead and is primarily responsible for the application-level software. While this project has been an endeavor for him and his teammates since sophomore year, he has had a wide variety of experiences and involvement both inside and outside of the university since then. 

When it comes to campus activities, he is a member of SB Hacks and an officer of Tau Beta Pi. In SB Hacks, a group of students organizes UCSB's largest annual hackathon, where hundreds of programmers come to compete in a 36-hour programming competition. He helps the development team with building a web application that serves users and sponsors as a means of signing up and communicating with each other throughout the event. Tau Beta Pi is the second largest National Engineering Honors society in the US. As the Initiation chair, he works to make sure all potential initiates stay on track to fulfill their requirements, while helping the rest of the officer board in running the chapter. By participating in these school organizations, Kyle has built upon both the leadership skills necessary to take on tasks and the communication skills required to work through problems with a team. 

Outside of the university, Kyle has had industry experience in various technology sectors, ranging from web development and design to embedded systems engineering. During the summer between his first and second years here at UCSB, he worked full time at a web development solutions firm. His responsibilities consisted of being the lead developer and designer of a prototype website for one of the company’s projects and QA testing each month’s website releases to identify issues across multiple platforms. The following summer, he gained experience in software engineering, building a custom compiler to convert a company's legacy codebase into a more modern language. Finally, he spent this past summer working as an embedded systems engineer, during which he was able to get hands-on experience designing hardware and conducting R&D in lab facilities. 

Kyle was accepted into UCSB's 5 year BS/MS program for Computer Science, and has since joined RACELab to perform research within the fields of Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems while pursuing his Masters degree. Once he completes his Masters, he plans to enter into industry to work in the fields of Systems and Applications Engineering.