Jonathan Whalen

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering


Jonathan Whalen is a fourth year mechanical engineering student with an interest in fluid dynamics and using computer models to optimize design as well as the application of engineering to environmental problems. Jonathan was raised in Long Beach, California, which used to be home of a large Boeing manufacturing site that influenced his decision to pursue the field of mechanical engineering. He chose UCSB after visiting the campus and getting a tour of the engineering buildings on campus and being incredibly impressed by the facilities and faculty.  

Jonathan's primary strengths lie in communication and collaboration. He primarily worked on the structural analysis and design of the structure in the Green Space Solar Table. He worked with his team to design and size the electrical components of the system to ensure proper electrical-structural system integration. Jonathan offers strong skills in the fields of structural analysis, multiphysics analysis, structural design, and fluid-structure interaction.  

Jonathan excels as part of a team, as well as individually, with the ability to delegate and divide tasks where necessary. His ability to communicate ideas and concerns in a team setting make him a valuable asset to any group. He always has an eye on the end product and manufacturing process, ensuring designs are executable with high levels of efficiency.

The Capstone project has developed and added several engineering skills to Jonathan's toolbox including teamwork, design, structural analysis, manufacturing processes, and proper documentation. With the experience gained from the Capstone project, Jonathan feels confident heading towards graduation and hopes to find a job in industry this Fall.