Jeremiah Prousalis

Department / Program: 
Computer Engineering
IR Hub


Jeremiah Prousalis is a fourth year UCSB student who is expected to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in Spring 2017. He has a passion for embedded systems and enjoys hands-on work with computer hardware and software. Beginning in Spring of his junior year, Jeremiah held the position of Hardware Engineering Intern at the Santa Barbara start-up TrackR. For the remainder of his college career, he worked directly under TrackR’s lead hardware engineer as part of the two-person team responsible for designing and implementing system hardware and embedded firmware, integrated with iOS and Android applications.

The skills Jeremiah developed from his time at TrackR helped him to lead the team working on the IR Hub project. His primary responsibility on that project is the embedded software, though his responsibilities extend to the hardware design and the Android application’s Bluetooth integration.

You can find Jeremiah's LinkedIn profile at: