Jack Bell

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering
Air Drop UAV


Jack Bell is a mechanical engineering student at UCSB. Jack was raised in Fullerton, California and was always intrigued by the way machines and electromechanical devices operated. This fascination with mechanics led Jack to pursue mechanical engineering in order to gain the knowledge he needed to design his own machines and structures. 

In previous work experiences, Jack has been commended for his creative problem solving and ability to learn at an accelerated pace. Previous employers have found him exceptionally hard working, motivated, and reliable in handling responsibilities. He has been successful in designing and building his own machines that have been successfully implemented in industry applications.   

Jack's strong work ethic and ability to learn can be seen through his mastery of course material at UCSB. His success has been recognized through initiation in 2016 to Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honors society that only accepted the top one-eighth of engineering students in his class.  

While creating a custom drone for his Capstone project, Jack has gained experience in system integration, structural design, finite element analysis, and communication with teammates. He looks forward to applying what he's learned from his advisors, teammates, and industry partner Northrop Grumman to his career after graduation.