Connor Anderson

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering


Connor Anderson is a senior mechanical engineering student at UCSB. Connor is originally from Davis where he worked on various home projects, such as constructing a small forge for metalworking and a spray paint booth for artwork. Connor has been interested in engineering from a young age, and recently realized through Capstone that he is most passionate for research and development. 

The Capstone project allowed Connor to further develop his exceptional analytical skills. As the team's thermal analyst, his primary responsibilities included using MATLAB to analyze data and perform error analysis and using COMSOL simulations to verify and optimize the design. Connor researched ASTM Standards of similar test methods for guidance and ideas. Apart from Capstone, Connor makes use of his analytical skills at his current internship, where he uses MATLAB to analyze wave and ocean data for a marine researcher on campus. 

Capstone has also allowed Connor to foster excellent communication skills. He works well with his team to come up with innovative ideas that improve the robustness of the test set up and product design. His team performs weekly meetings as well as quarterly design reviews with Northrop Grumman sponsors and academic advisors. In these professional meetings, Connor is able to engage the audience by providing comprehensible explanations for challenging topics regarding test set up and design, as well as respond to technical questions, effectively. 

Connor’s strong analytical and communication skills, as well as his proficiency in MATLAB are what set him apart. His eagerness to participate and learn through tests and meetings make him a valuable asset to any engineering team. He appreciates the experience he has gained from working with Northrop Grumman over the course of the year. Connor is excited to bring this knowledge with him as he pursues a career upon graduation in June.