Christopher Caliendo

Department / Program: 
Mechanical Engineering


Christopher Caliendo is a fourth-year mechanical engineering student interested in aerospace and further developing data acquisition to allow for more in depth testing. Christopher was born and raised in Hauppauge, New York. He became fascinated with motorcycles at an early age, which later developed into an interest in engineering. Attending UCSB, Christopher was exposed to several types of engineering, including various systems and programs for data acquisition.  

Christopher has been the contact between the Air Bearing Team and the Northrop Grumman Astro-Aerospace engineers. He has coordinated with both teams to arrange visits, portray engineering designs, and provide weekly updates.  

As President of the UCSB American Society of Mechanical Engineering Chapter, Christopher has organized and hosted several engineering outreach programs and guest speakers to allow the UCSB Mechanical Engineering community to grow. Additionally, Christopher volunteers his time in the ReTouch lab in Ellings Hall to aid with the design and fabrication of soft haptic actuators. These duties include 3-D printing, conventional machining, and CAD design. 

Christopher can effectively communicate engineering designs to both engineers and non-engineers alike. He has taken the time to document and record his notes and sketches in a concise manner which ultimately allows for smooth design updates and reviews.  

The Engineering Capstone Experience has allowed Christopher to interact with professional engineers. However, the teamwork and friendships made have been a much more considerable experience for Christopher. Learning to work in a group and utilize each other’s talents is essential to a successful team. Ultimately, these team members will become professional engineers that both he and others will be working with in the future.