Alan Cao

Department / Program: 
Electrical Engineering


Alan Cao is an undergraduate electrical engineering student interested in dynamic controls for embedded systems. Eager to use his analytical skills to tackle some of the hardest questions of this day and age, Alan chose to pursue a degree at UC Santa Barbara. Alan's passion for dynamic systems control and networking, led him to join Katie Byl’s research group where he worked on developing algorithms and automatic control schemes for prototype robotics. Alan plans to attend graduate school in the future. 

Alan was drawn to work on the NOAA UAV project as a means of constructing a complex controlled embedded system. Alan’s teamwork and communication skills enabled him to be an effective engineer with respect to designing a system with environmental feedback, as well as developing software interfaces to allow a commercial drone to navigate through dense tree canopies. Outside of school, Alan worked at Cisco on the ASIC verification team in San Jose, California. In his free time, Alan enjoys playing soccer, painting, and producing music.