Automated Corrosion Testing System (ACTS)

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Mechanical Engineering


Did you know issues caused by corrosion are a critical concern for a ship's functionality and
maintenance? In 2018, the Navy spent over $8.6 billion dollars addressing just corrosion problems. The
ACTS (Automated Corrosion Testing System) team are here to tackle that by developing a corrosion
testing machine that will subject various materials to the harsh environments that Navy ships sail. This
will help us gain a better understanding of corrosion to reduce maintenance costs and increase our Navy’s
presence. To study corrosion closest to its environment, our immersion test will include features such as
axial flow to mimic ocean movements and temperature control that mimic summer and winter weather
ranging from 36 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Our built-in touch-screen interface will allow
technicians to run these tests according to their unique specifications. With durability in mind, each test
can run up to two months and fit within a compact insulated frame. In conclusion, our corrosion tester
will include necessary implementations to meet Navy standards and tackle the multi-billion dollar


Mechanical Engineering
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